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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yes people, the party’s over and it’s time to start working on the drunken resolutions we made over the holidays. It’s a new year and I can’t wait for what’s coming! I don’t usually get excited about a these things but, somehow, this year feels different. Maybe it’s because of all the changes happening in the world, maybe my new health and fitness routine is beginning to have a good effect on me or maybe it’s because, after a very challenging 2011, positive changes are happening in my life. Whatever the reason, I’m looking forward to 2012!

In honour of the old tradition of trying to predict what will happen in the coming year, I’d like to share my predictions for 2012.

1) People will increasingly become interested in becoming healthy in body, mind and spirit. Evidence of this are the sports clothes that have been showing up on the runways and red carpets for both day and evening wear. Fashion design doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from the energy on the streets and whatever is floating through the air (things that are obviously contagious). Is it my imagination or are people getting tired of drunken bad behaviour? I was also a little surprised to see that Vice magazine (http://www.vice.com/read/best-worst-fashion-2011) trashed Daphne McGuinness for her excessive behaviour and decadent lifestyle. Does this mean Vice is losing a grip on it’s self? Or is this a sign that maybe people are becoming tired of the out of control prima donnas who offer nothing to this world we live in and it’s time to, literally and figuratively, shape up?

2) The world will become even smaller through technology. The new $35 tablet (http://www.ubislate.com/) will help to make the internet increasingly available to all people on the planet. Although this tablet was invented to teach students programming, you know it’s only a matter of time before full computers can be bought for next to nothing. Imagine the possibilities for the political, cultural and societal exchanges that will result from this massive increase in connectivity. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more street fashion photos from places I never knew existed before.

3) Although luxury will always exist and be an aspirational aspect of fashion, in 2012, style will become increasing democratized (see the rise in popularity of ageless dressing) and thrift store shopping. And while younger people, in an attempt to convince us, despite their general bad behaviour, that they are totally in control, not only in the bedroom but in the boardroom as well, will want to dress older and more sophisticated;  older women, who are tired of being shunned once they pass the age of 35, and are now looking better thanks to cosmetic surgery (boo!) and taking better care of themselves (yay!) – see point #1 – will dress in clothes that actually suit them and not in (yawn) age appropriate clothes.

4) Clothing companies will increasingly be forced by societal pressure to be more socially responsible through “cradle to grave” supply chain approaches. Actually this isn’t a prediction, it’s just a wish of mine.

5) We will look to the turn of the last century for inspiration in clothing, manners/civility and hobbies. Two great  North American depressions, the Panic of 1893 and the Panic of 1907 had economic, social and technological turmoil that is similar to what is occurring today.  Despite this, nostalgia has a grip on us and we’ve become enamoured with the idea of living in, what we believe were, simpler times. Whether they were simpler times or not is irrelevant. Of course, it may just be the popularity of the television show “Downton Abbey” that is really influencing us. The 80’s are soooo over and we need something new to follow. Excuse me while I adjust my gloves and garter belt.

6) Connecting to nature. The use of natural materials, organic shapes and textures for home interiors, fashion colours and fabrics will continue to be popular. Another obvious reaction against the increasingly virtual world and stress of everyday life. Eco tourism will also continue to grow in popularity.

7) Individualism – with so much choice in music, lifestyle, fashion and career choices, it makes it difficult for us all to be the same. Instead of large/macro trends, a multitude of many micro trends will exist at the same time. As the Occupy Wall Street protests promote dropping out 1960’s style, people will search for new ways of making a living and existing.  This will encourage people to either self-actualize just in time for the end of the world on December 21, 2012 or become increasingly isolated in “tribes” and wage small scale wars against imagined enemies. I highly doubt the  latter will happen. On a side note, I hope all of this individualism isn’t just the Lady Gaga/Nicky Minaj effect. Cue “eye roll”.

8) Younger men dating older women. From an informal survey I did amongst people I know and various articles in the media, younger men are increasingly seeing the value in an older women’s ability to carry on a real conversation and, obviously, their comfort level in bed. ;) In an attempt to win their men back, some younger women will react by becoming bitchier and even more slutty.

9) Purple is the new black because, ever since Kate and William made it official, we secretly all want to be royalty. Green will also become a big seller ( see point #6) and Autumn 2012 pre-collections now showing.

10) Fake fur. Men and women will continue to  embrace this trend. Not only is a sexy retro look that spans the decades but it also feels incredible to wear and will keep you warm and looking good.

I wish you all a wonderful year filled with new and exciting experiences that lead you one step closer to finding your true happiness!