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Since my last post I’ve been surfing the internet and wandering the streets (being temporarily unemployed does have its advantages) for what’s coming up in fashion and I noticed two trends. Hats and cats. Some of the hats are seriously cool looking and will definitely help to polish some outfits this coming summer and the following winter although I’m worried some people will go overboard with their, as Oprah christened it, hatitude. Or as I will be calling it hate-itude.

On the brighter side, but potentially more damaging to my psyche, is the cat trend. It’s seems that the laws of nature are taking over and the bird/feather trend from the past few years is about to be eaten by the more ferocious cat. Cats in funny videos, cute photos (I’ve already chosen my fave picture as my screen saver (you can see it below, I got it from the pet section of Lidewij Edelkoort’s Trendtablet, and as a print on clothing. It’s the last one that scares me. Although I’ve seen some great ones from Victoria Beckham and Jason Wu for Target, there’s only a thin line between cute and pathetic (think old lonely woman crafting hideous cat inspired gifts). I hope people keep this trend as light as possible although I’m sure some hipsters will, if they haven’t already, take this crafty old woman look to the extreme and be praised in a dozen street style blogs but that still doesn’t make it right. On the other hand, if the ladies want to dress up as cats, that would be kinda sexy.

Always makes me smile

I shouldn’t mention this next thing because you know how once something is mentioned and the idea is sent out to the universe it, for better or worse, comes true well, whatever, call me danger girl, I’m going to say it. This whole cats and hats trend is really making me nervous. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s briefly thought of Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat and had the accompanying bad flashbacks of being at a festival, any festival because these types seem to show up at all of them, and seeing a trenzoid manically dancing/”charming the crowds” while sporting a cat in the hat hat. Let’s just hope this trend doesn’t end up going there. Seriously.