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It’s been -25 celsius all weekend and the majority of people in Montreal are doing their best not to freeze into popsicle shaped replicas of themselves. For the most part, I’ve stayed indoors and sent good vibes to my new neighbour downstairs. She’s a massage therapist and so keeps her apartment pretty warm. And now I have heated floors. Cheers to my new neighbour!

Pretty much everyone in Montreal is wearing some kind of fur to stay warm. Of course, a lot of it is fake, but some of it is real. If you’ve never been here then you probably don’t know that it’s not only rich women and pimps wearing fur coats, regular business men wear them too. True, it’s more of an old school way of dressing, and not as common as it was at the end of the last century (that sounds like a long time ago, I know), but I’ve seen more than my fair share of men decked out head to ankles in fur. This year however has fewer fur coats and a lot more fur trim and accessories, not only on the streets, but on the Pre-Fall 2012 runways as well.

The following are a quick over view of what’s coming next Fall.

Detachable Fur Collar – It’s not unusual to see on a coat but on day wear? Why not?! They may come in handy for those of you work in overly air conditioned offices.

Fur Skirts – They’re a little cavewomanish but it could be fun for a night out.    I think this one’s just for the skinny girls. Sorry big mamas!

Sleeves a.k.a. gorilla arms – They hit the streets last year but, unfortunately haven’t reached their peak yet.

Fur Scarves – Oh yeah! Get your Liberace on, dahling!!

Fur Pockets – things that make you go hmmm…. Once again, a look that only the skinny girls will get away with.

Furry Calves and Ankles a.k.a The “I didn’t have time to shave my legs” look. Not so good! Although I think the fur to the knee look won’t be as prevelant and we’ll see more of furry ankles and feet, so I guess it’s getting better…

Furry Purse – Well, I guess it’s easier than carrying a dog around with you..  Jokes aside, fur purses may just be a great accessory to add some luxe to your look.

Racoon Tails – Buy them now at your local flee market  or sidewalk seller. These will be huge. I don’t know why, I just have a feeling.

So, what do you think? Will you be adding fur to your wardrobe in the next year?