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Nothing like mysteriously dropping out of sight to make people think you just couldn’t hack it. Haha! Well, I’m back after a very eventful month, give or take a few weeks. But before you roll your eyes and say, “whatever, I’m sure you were just lazing about”,  I have a good reason. All within 2 weeks of each other, my mother who lives alone in the country, was rushed to the hospital twice(!); I completely and for the last time (I’m serious!) broke up with my boyfriend of almost 3 years, and my new job duties blew up in my face and pushed me to try to salvage the previous employee’s mess that was given to me and not cost the company thousands of dollars. I’m slowly coming out of the fog and re-emerging into something beautiful called summertime.

Looking back over the past few weeks has reminded me how much I admire strong and intelligent women who are able to  maintain their femininity in the midst of it all. I’ve had several such women in my life who helped me keep my head above water lately. And to these women – I salute you!

Some other women I’m taking notice of lately are Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. I’m sure I’m not the only one who never imagined they would become such smart and highly successful business women. Confession time: I have to admit that when I used to see them on the late 80’s television show “Full House”, I thought they were kinda ugly and not so bright. I felt a little sorry for them and thought smug-ishly to myself, “At least they’ll make some money now and have something to remember when they’re old. *sigh* poor kids. I hope it turns out alright for them.” Well, obviously I’m an idiot who can’t spot future brains or beauty because the Olsen twins are fast on their way to becoming the next Oprah(s) of the world.

Next week they’ll be turning 26 years old and already they’re worth at least $100 million and, last week, garnered the coveted “Womenswear Designer of the Year”  award at the CFDA’s fashion award ceremony. Of course, most of these awards are based on politics and not real talent but, once in a while they hit the nail on the head.

Here a few photos of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s line “The Row” for 2012. If you want to see more you can always visit their website  www.therow.com or elizabethandjames.us