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I’m just finishing up a 2 week detox. I’m feeling energetic, happy and look relaxed and healthy (and will until about 1/2 way through my work day tomorrow when I guarantee I’ll start losing the glow).  Aside from the sound of Formula One races and violent protests in the background (ah, Montreal.. you’re really one of a kind), this weekend was near perfect. I accomplished so much and now have my house and patio in order. I bought reclining patio chairs, planted the last of my vegetables in my pots, laid my grandmother’s white wool rug down in my living room (no mean feat! It ways 100 lbs and I did it myself!), washed it and had my first bbq of the season. Now I’m relaxing in the evening sun with a cold drink that’s going straight to my head. Life is good.

My mind is wandering to vacation time and Balenciaga’s Resort 2013 is striking a chord. The clothes are much softer and prettier than Balenciaga’s usual style but I like it anyway. A few years ago, someone describe my style as demented ballerina. Maybe that’s why I like this collection, it reminds me of yesteryear.

Inspired by a 1930’s production of Ravel’s Bolero (an obviously, and thankfully, not the 1970’s Bo Derek movie “10” that featured the same song as a soundtrack) that Balenciaga designed, the collection features relatively conservative looking, yet feminine, shapes that are bound to inspire others in return. The boots remind me of a baby blue suede pair from the 1960’s or is it 70’s that I own. I never know what to wear them with but, as of now, I think I’ll get ready to break them out next spring. To the future and beyond!!