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I bumped into a friend on the weekend and we quickly commiserated about our lives until her husband caught up to us, we changed the subject and then parted ways. I always love to bump into them.  They’re a beautiful and cosmopolitan couple and are extremely well educated, well rounded, and they inspire and entertain me whenever I’m around them. This afternoon she called and invited me to dinner tomorrow night at their place. As I listen to the voicemail with delight, a chill and feeling of dread swept through me. I was to be the only guest, unless you counted a male friend of the husband’s that would also be joining us. Sounds like a set up to me.

At the best of times a set up is unnerving but for a fresh out a relationship woman, it’s terrifying. I’m not sure it’s time for me to jump back into the dating scene yet but I guess now’s as good a time as any. Thinking back, I do have to take some responsibility for this happening. When I had them over for dinner a couple of months ago, I  drunkenly told the husband that he should hook me up with any eligible men he knew. I know I’d regret saying that but alcohol is a fantastic “de-filter” between the brain and the mouth and I take full responsibility for what happens as a result.

So now I wonder what I should wear. I know if I were to wear what I’m feeling in my head I would wear a full black widows outfit much like this hot little number from the Alice and Olivia F12 collection

Or maybe I should sex it up and have some fun. In which case, I will wear

But, because I want to make a good impression on my future husband, I’m not going to do that. Perhaps something chaste, pristine and subtly naughty that screams I’m a good girl until you get me alone?

But, in the end, the truth is, I’ll be meeting them straight after work and, so, will probably (hopefully) end up giving off career girl moving on up vibes. That’s probably the best idea because if you want to catch a successful, intelligent man, it can’t hurt to mirror back his success to him. So I will either wear this somewhat serious Burberry outfit or the below Gucci stunner.

And, if none of the above work, wearing a healthy dose of confidence can get you somewhere!

**Post Script** The funny thing is, it’s the day after the setup and when I called my friends today to laugh about being set up, they awkwardly informed me that it wasn’t a set up at all. My “date” had originally canceled, and so they decided to invite me in his place and then he  suddenly changed his mind and said he could come. At that point, they decided to invite us both so that they wouldn’t have to choose.  A happy coincidence? Yes. Only time will tell where it leads. (Yes, we’re going to meet up again at a later time!)