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Last weekend I went to a party. It took place over two floors of a loft and over looked the harbour. One of my friends was hosting it and I was thrilled to be there. The beat of the music blended well with the friendly and attractive crowd. Such a perfect night to celebrate the beginning of summer! I felt happy to be alive! As the night went on, I had only been there about 3 hours, I felt a little drunker than I thought I should be,especially for the amount I drank. I also felt free and strangely high. I thought I was just grooving on the beautiful night. I was wrong. Suddenly I noticed I was having trouble speaking. I was slurring my words and thought to myself that I should call it a night and get home to bed. That was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t know it at the time but someone had roofied me. They had slipped some kind of date rape drug into my drink without my knowing.

I grabbed my bag and jacket and headed out the door. The next thing I remember, I was climbing into my bed at home. I have no idea how I got home. I do know I have scratches on my shoulder as though someone grabbed me but other than that, even 3 days later, I have absolutely no idea how I got home. Not a good feeling.

I’m lucky that nothing worse happened to me. Ladies – listen up!! If you’re out anywhere, even at a friend’s house party or relaxing on a beach, don’t ever accept a drink from someone unless you see them pour it or open it. Don’t ever take your eyes off your drink! It may sound like fear mongering on my part but now I see how easy it is to be tricked and I never want that to happen again. Ever. Not to anyone. And if your friend looks drunker than they should be. Stay close and watch them. You could save them from fallen down the rabbit hole.

But, I don’t want to be a total downer so here’s a happier story. Story. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon. A new concept of store by the marketing genius behind Spa Bliss, the Gilte Group and other successful companies, Rachel Shechtman is reinventing the way stores operate. Called Story, it is part gallery and part store, it beats the best Museum shop you’ve ever been to.

Every two months, a new theme is introduced and the entire contents of the store is changed to introduce and promote up and coming in all areas of design. So far, the themes have been Love, Color and is currently New York. The themes are designed by understated-ly cool Stefan Sagmeister. Check out his website at http://www.sagmeister.com/

From soaps to home furnishings to clothing, you’re sure to find something unique and within budget. Price ranges are between $20 and $2000 and will appeal to people of all ages that can appreciate innovation. You’ll also support micro businesses and get in on products before they completely blow up and become household names.

Sign up at www.thisisstory.com to receive alerts of upcoming events and notice of changing store themes! I know the next time I head to NYC, stopping by this charmingly invigorating store will be #1 on my list of stops!