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It’s 29 degrees Celsius out but with the humidity we have it feels more like 40 degrees. Normally I love this kind of stuff but after freezing in an over air conditioned office all day, my poor little body has gone into shock and is suffering. I chewed on the Welch’s grape juice freezee, downed a pineapple smoothy and then promptly fell asleep. Uh-oh, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight. C’est la vie, ma cherie! When it’s hot, it’s hot. Everyone’s in the same boat as you.

I always have a hard time to guess what to wear to when it’s hot. Fearful of being over or under dressed, I can spend hours trying on outfits only to end up looking a little out of place. Not to worry. A sense of well instilled confidence will get you through any awkward moment and have the masses eating out of your hand in no time. To get inspired I checked out the Dakar fashion weekend. Not in person, of course. Can’t get the time off from work. I do have bills to pay after all.

Unfortunately the website for the week long event isn’t fully functioning so I had to  do a little internet research to come up with images and a little information for you. Dakar is in the most western part of Africa and is  Senegal’s largest city. The event featured 30 designers from across Africa. As you would expect from African inspired clothes there were lots of bright colours, black dramatic clothes and, perhaps taking a cue from Marc Jacobs (or more likely the other way around), oversized hats that are sure to cause disruptions on narrow sidewalks and movie theaters. Check out the website for some fun grainy video and broken links. www.dakarfashionweek.com.