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I don’t know what makes me feel more uncomfortable and out of touch. The fact that 28 year old Sophia Amoruso has built a company in the past 4 years that is projected to quadruple its sales to $128 million worth of clothes and accessories this year (hearing this sort of makes me feel like a massive underachiever and/or a dumb bunny as my dad affectionately (?) called me). Or that I never hear of her website before yesterday (maybe I am out of touch! …oh well, better late than never, right?) About to launch her clothing line of the same name – Nasty Gal – this woman is pushing full steam ahead and is set for complete and total success! Index, the company responsible for helping fashion sites like ASOS and Net-a-Porter blossom into the success stories they are today, are banging on her door and begging to invest in her little home-made company. Not bad for someone who never studied business at school. I console myself when hearing this with the suspicion that because she’s working so much, like me, she probably doesn’t have a boyfriend. If you know otherwise, don’t tell me. Let me live with my illusion. Thanks!

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, some successful, some not so, she was instilled, from an early age, with a strong work ethic, curiosity about the internet business and an entrepreneurial outlook on life. She began selling vintage clothes from her closet on Ebay and quickly morphed that into the website Nasty Gal. The phrase, Nasty Gal, is taken from jazz legend’s Miles Davis’s ex-wife Betty Davis *a beautiful, smart and talented child* who had an album of the same title.

Betty Davis

Betty davis Onna Bike!

Sophia Amoruso has found success not in selling super well known labels but in selling ordinary, and dare I say, sometimes trashy, clothes – both vintage and brand new. So, while the rest of us were sipping lemonade and shopping for clothes online, she was busting her butt to find clothes to sell to us and building engaging websites. The thing I like most about her website is that I didn’t have to sort through tons and tons of photo to find what I wanted. I  could filter the choices by size, color, price. That’s so smart! It makes it almost too easy to find what I’m looking for. Enough of my describing, check it out yourself at http://www.nastygal.com/

Here are a few of my favorite items and images from her site.