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After a particularly grueling work out yesterday (my gym doesn’t have air conditioning but what do you expect when you only pay $8/month to go there), I went home and feted myself with a cheeseburger BBQ. I ate well and fell asleep dreaming of Mayor McCheese and sunshiney days. Not much in the mood for borderline heat stroke for a second day in a row, and after rushing home after work to put out the garbage for the 7pm pick up, I hit the streets in search of people I could take photos of for the streetstyle section of this blog that I’m working on. More on that at a later date. All I’ll say for now is – coming soon.

When I had some free time at work today, I was looking at reviews of recent Paris shows. It seems like a lot of designers are trying to find a new way forward and are mixing it up, experimenting and more often than not going retro. I guess sometimes the only way forward is looking back to see where you’ve been. Truly a metaphor for life. But I digress, we’re talking about fashion aren’t we?

What I’m loving about some of the retro mixing I’m seeing are the ultra feminine silhouettes, multiple layered sheer fabrics, clothes that suit women of all ages, a return to quality and a general softening yet playful attitude in dressing. I remember when I was growing up my mother told me that I should dress how I want people to perceive me. Dressing is a costume, she would say. Although I believe many people still follow that edict, I also think that to a large extent it’s been lost. In the last decade, it seems that so many people are more interested in copying the look of the most popular pop stars out there than allowing it to merely influence their way of dressing and developing their own style. Hopefully people will start to have fun with expressing themselves now that fashion and society are becoming open to individualism again. Back in 1989 Madonna released her song “Express Yourself”. The song is still relevant. But that’s no surprise,  is it?

The return of the incredible “Power(ful) Women and Femme Fatales” on the new and revamped TV show Dallas is sure to have an influence on fashion. There are a lot of gay men who love strong women and given that many designers are gay men, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that we’ll be seeing more power dressing coming to the runways.

I’m also glad to see that 80’s Goth influenced clothing is making a comeback. As much as I love neon colored spandex a la fitness guru Richard Simmons (not!!), the return of strong, sophisticated personalities will be a welcome contrast and change. Now if we could mix up the 80’s Preppies with the Goths, we just come up with something interesting!

Here’s some inspiration for you