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I was going to write about Alice Temperley’s new affordable collection for John Lewis that will be available to the masses, aka the little people, but when I started looking at her online shop that sells her “regular” clothes, I was hypnotized into writing about what I saw on her site. Completely entranced by the clothes, I feel drugged. What’s in those images that made my eyes water with desire and my heart beat as though it were in love? Is there some of quantum theory physics embedded in the pages that leapt off the pages and affected my body, mind and spirit? Whatever it is, it’s effects were startling and addictive. It’s a good thing there’s a low limit on my credit card so I can’t spend my life savings and force fate’s hand into making me the best dressed homeless person in North America. Maybe I’ll just cancel my vacation this year and go shopping instead. As luck would have it, she’s having a huge sale now so I’m sure I can score a dress or two! Check it out at http://www.temperleylondon.com

The clothes are from my favorite fabrics silk, satin, cotton, french lace, and chiffon, and embroidery. Thinking about the dry cleaning bills is killing me but, sometimes, you have to suffer for beauty, no?