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For a while now I’ve been trying to put together a Montreal street style section. As it turns out, it’s a lot harder to do than I expected. It doesn’t help that I’m a good little office worker doing the Monday to Friday 9-5 grind. By the time I leave work, have shaken off my computer induced semi comatose state, and done a quick workout at the gym, it’s closer to 7:30 and I barely have 1 hour to take pictures.

That aside, I can’t approach people when they have their phones glued to their ear, are in the middle of deep conversations, race past me on a crowded sidewalk or get into the elevator before I can jump in too. Murphy’s Law ruled those days but the fashion gods did cut me some slack and I was lucky enough to snap a few amazing people!

Every person I approached was more than gracious enough to allow me to snap their pictures and I thank them for letting this unbelievably shy girl the chance to do just that! Overall, it’s been a really positive experience. I wish I could post all the pictures I took but, truth be told, I’m still honing my skills and my photography skills don’t always do people the justice they deserve. Hopefully I’ll bump into them again and will get a second chance.

So enough talking and on with the show. Here’s the first installment of Lalaurice’s street style section that I like to call “You wear it well”

rue Sherbrooke

Rue de Maisonneuve

rue St. Mathieu

rue St. Denis

rue St. Denis

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