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There’s a new magazine in town and I just know it’s going to take up allllll my time. Dedicated to incredible fashion photography from around the world, it’s everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend. It’s sexy, funny, provocative and, if you’re willing to pay the price, whatever else you want it to be. Not easy to find on line or in the stores, it’s elusiveness makes me desire it all the more. Try googling “Seven Magazine” and see what you come up with. At least 5 other magazines (including a version from “The Promise Keepers“) but not the one I’ve been stalking all over town. But for you, dear reader, I’ll do my good dead of the day and give the online links where you can find it.

But first, why don’t I give you some more information information so you can decide if you want to pursue this relationship any further. Their facebook page features both vintage and current pictures that includes everything from rawkus fashion photography to pictures of bathroom graffiti, Salvator Dali and a few other surprises.  The only thing I can find to complain about is that their facebook page doesn’t give enough credits given to the photographers and sources for where the photos came from. As much as I love pretty pictures, I always want to know more! Doesn’t anyone pay attention to the 5 rules of journalism anymore? Who? What? Why? Where? How? That’s what I wanna know. How else will I become edumacated (sic) about fashion and design? What’s that? All that information is on their official magazine page? But I’m lazy… I don’t want want to have to go to 2 different sites.. *groan* Anyhow, enough complaining about this new born Montreal magazine. Maybe I should wait until it’s taken it’s first steps before I complain that I don’t like it’s walk.

Check them out at their facebook page or at their online magazine. And if you’re too lazy for that (shame on you! go to your room now and no desert for you tonight!) take a look at the pictures below.