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I was woken up at 7 am this morning by what sounded like my neighbour moving furniture. On a Sunday morning, no less. My neighbour is a massage therapist and was probably packing her massage table to bring to a client’s house. Very noble, indeed, but, please, pack that *bleep* up the night before! Anyhow, that’s how I woke up today…

A few hours later I texted my friend to wish him a happy Eid (the Islamic equivalent to Christmas) and he asked if I was going to see Blondish that afternoon at Picnic Electronic (a weekly outdoor dance party that’s been going for years here in Montreal). Although I probably won’t make it because I’m still recovering from the dental surgery, I thought that I would dedicate today’s column to Blondish.

Whether they’re dressed as kung-foo fighters or armed with bubble-blowing toy guns, their parties are more than dj hero worship nights, they are themed parties just like in the old days of the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s. Their music is laid back but infectious and invigorating. Light on it’s feet but with a menacing attitude, it’s the perfect Saturday night and Sunday afternoon music. Sampling music from the 60’s to 2012, it’s massive ear candy that will drag you down memory lane whether you want to go or not.

Back in 2006, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann met in Montreal but didn’t decide to start working together until 2008 when they were at the Miami Winter Music Conference. That same year they started a residency at the underground Cherry Nightclub and they haven’t looked back.

Notoriously quiet about their private lives, their ages and background are pretty much kept secret. So sorry, I can’t let you in on any secrets..

Known for their entertaining outfits as much as their impeccable dj’ing is the reason I’m featuring them today. Here’s to pushing the boundaries and having fun while doing so!

If you want to have a listen to their music, click here to listen to what I was listening to while writing this post. So, what do you think?