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As I sit here inhaling yet another 10 pm dinner, I wonder how I’ll ever get my life under control. Between work, gym, boyfriend, friends, family, blogging, shopping and relaxing,  I don’t have a second to spare and am loosing my tenuous grip on my shredded schedule. How am I ever going to fit in a vaca, or vacation as I like to call it?

Last Sunday, when the clock struck 7:00, I put on my new Forever 21 faux leather jacket ($30 suckers!!) and headed over to a neighbourhood church basement where a lovely lady poured me a stiff drink and I took a seat, turned on my camera and waited for the show to begin.

Since 2008, Pop Montreal has included a fashion competition in their always amazing music festival. Past winners have included Susie Bubble fave Norwegian Wood, Dane Richards, and Isabelle Campeau so I was super excited to finally remember to show up at this year’s competition. And show up, I did. On time, to boot!

The lights dimmed and the hostesses stepped out to welcome us. They spoke and I couldn’t hear a word they were saying. Oops, the mic volume wasn’t turned up on the sound mixer. After a technician fiddled around for a few moments, we had sound. On with the show, I yelled in my head. And then, miraculously, the show started.

Six designers had their creations paraded across the basement floor by skittish models who rushed so quickly they practically ran into the photographers at the end of the “runway”. Friends and family cheered while everyone else looked self consciously around to see if they should join in the fun or show some cool restraint.

The show was over in about 1/2 hour and after a quick draw for a door prize of Le Chateau gifts certificates (which was kinda funny because this was an Indie Fashion show) took place and was given to a girl who’s cry of “I love Le Chateau!” was met with a few sniggers from the “cooler than you” audience, the judges went back stage to decide who would win the $1000 prize and take home home this year’s title.

The room almost immediately started to clear out. I had, what felt like, a hundred other things to do that night, and so fell into the swarm of people snaking it’s way out the door. Behind me I heard one of the hostesses’ voices gurgle over the speaker system, “Hey wait! Don’t leave! Why is everyone leaving? Don’t they want to find out who won?? Wait!! Don’t leave! Come back! That’s so weird… why’s everyone leaving?” Suddenly I was outside and couldn’t hear anymore. The crisp autumn air refreshed my senses and I considered returning to see the winner take their prize. That feeling lasted for about 10 seconds until I remembered I could look it up on the internet later that night or the next day. Which is exactly what I did.

Here are some pictures taken from the night with my undeniably low budget, but beloved, camera.

Duc C. Nguyen (Montreal’s latest darling)

Camille Forcherio

Christine Charlebois

Danica Olders

Marie Darsigny

Vicky Dubois – OUR WINNER FOR THE NIGHT! Congratulations Vicky!