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Yesterday while reading the latest updates from Apparel.net I noticed a news story about a Color In Dress. “Now that’s fresh!” I thought. Wrong. As it turns out, it’s about as fresh as 17 (yes, that’s right 17!) day old bread. A quick investigation revealed that this dress first appeared in 2008 but is once again being written up as “news”.  Guess it was a slow news day.

Designed by Amsterdamian (I made that up. Besides Dutch, what DO you call someone from Amsterdam?) designer Berber Soepboer with a little help from masochistic graphic designer Michiel Schuuman, the dress first went on exhibition at  De Ploeg textile factory and can now be yours for a mere 300 euros (markers included!!) at Soepboer’s website. Unfortunately, for us that’s the only dress up for grabs. The majority of her work falls into the art category and is destined for exhibitions which means it’s not available for shmucks like us to buy. Enjoy the pictures and if you’re really bored, download them, cut them out and dress your dolls that you won’t admit you’re hiding in your closet.

Colour In Dress

Other Works