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There was a time when I was a huge Karl Lagerfeld fan. I even named my pet bird  Karl; partly because I wanted to, in admittedly odd way, pay homage to Karl Lagerfeld (not that I thought that he was a bird brain, although that’s currently debatable) and partly because I thought Karl was a funny name for a dancehall reggae loving bird.

If I had any questions about Karl Lagerfeld’s level of (in)sanity before this purse fiasco (Princess Choopa anyone?), I’m definitely now convinced that something is not quite right in the land of Lagerfeld. Karl debuted his comically oversize purse at the Paris S/S 13 shows and although I’m still convinced the purse was a dramatic stage prop, apparently it’s not. There’s a rumour that it’ll be available in stores soon. Trying to imagine how anyone could maneuver the city streets, much less fit it into a car is difficult to imagine but if I listen to Karl, I’ve completely misunderstood his intentions. Sorry Karl. Not quite sure how that could have happened.

According to Lagerfeld in an interview posted in the Telegraph (Click here to see the full 2:30 interview) the real purpose for the purse is to bring it to the beach and use it as a clothes dryer. Yes, you heard right. Karl would love to see you hang your wet sandy towels on the white cotton mesh purse. Really Karl? Really?  After doing that, let’s see if you use it a second time. I’m going out on a limb to say that dry cleaning the bag is not an option and neither is throwing it in the washing machine. I guess you could always buy a new one but, eh, who cares. Dah-ling, it’ll be yesterday’s news a month from now anyway.

In case you don’t have enough time to watch the full 2:30 video, here are a few nuggets from the “interview”.

You can not stock energy. You can for electricity but not for creativity” (so what’s the bag made of Karl?)

It’s all about volume, but airy volume” (is there’s any other kind in fashion?)

This is something that has to look, easy (?!), approachable (can anyone get close to the person carrying that bag?) and wearable…. without being boring… because wearable is horrible but somebody has to wear it” (okaaaaaayy..)