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I recently discovered London based, Polish designer Malgorzata Dudek while flipping through Zink Magazine. Considered to be the designer most likely to fill the gap that was left behind when Alexander McQueen passed away, her clothes raise the bar with their surrealist optical illusions, incredible craftsmanship and innovated design.  Only London, a city that thrives on quirky and individualistic expressions in fashion, could, and would, support such creativity.

She seems to be equally influenced by Artist HR Giger, film maker Tim Burton, and Elizabethan fashion with a touch punk thrown in for good measure.

If you’re an aspiring designer and want the chance to intern with Dudek then now’s your chance. Atelier Malgorzata Dudek is accepting applications for an NYC based intern. Email przemek@malgorzatadudek.com for details. A word of advice – don’t call her Dude.