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On September 23rd, the New York exhibition “Imagining the Lowline” closed to the public so that the next phase of this amazing, and kinda weird, project can begin. Getting its funding from Kickstarter, corporate and private donations, the group is trying to convince New York City officials to approve this awesome idea. If they do, it could mean the beginning of a whole new race of Mole People. Now, maybe instead of building up, we’ll start building down.

Using the engineer’s innovative ideas for directing sunlight underground, new possibilities are created. Plants can be grown, you can suntan, and you can work in natural light all while you’re 25 feet underground. The vision this group has created what looks like a Rick Leong painting come to life. It’s trippy and I like it.

It’s not too late to make a donation and be part of this groundbreaking project (no pun intended). Check out the official website at http://thelowline.org and make a donation or sign up to volunteer while you’re there. For more frequent updates about fundraising events being held across the city, visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thelowline