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Ok, maybe she’s not an author but she, or someone else, put together a very pretty book filled with pictures of her. All she had to do was smile pretty for the camera and I’m sure it’s already on best seller lists around the world. The book which is aptly named, Kate: The Kate Moss Book, is being offered in a choice of 8 different covers which, I’m sure, will increase the sales by at least 20, but probably more.

How’s that for star power? In case you aren’t lucky enough to catch her on her world wind book tour, you’ll be happy to hear a documentary’s being made about it and coming out sometime next year.

Of course, this isn’t her first book to be released, she’s also the proud subject of several unauthorized biographies and the endearing Colour Me Good – Kate Moss Coloring Book. Jokes aside, I’ve always been a huge fan of Kate Moss and would love to have this book on my coffee table. Her chameleon like quality when modeling has often lead me to play “Spot The Kate” when flipping through fashion magazines and I look forward to flipping through this book very soon.

Until you and I can get our hands on a copy, here’s a few photographs featured in British Vogue and taken from Kate: The Kate Moss Book.