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It may not be breaking news anymore but I still have to pay some respect to the 72 year old, super hype model, flavour of the month, Liu Xianping. Rumoured to have volunteered to pose for the pictures, I’m not sure he expected to turn into the superstar he’s now becoming. One website even suggested he might become the next Karl Lagerfeld. I’d be down with that. Karl’s antics are getting a little old these days anyway. No pun intended. Ok, maybe a little.

The mythical story behind these pictures is that Liu thought his granddaughter, who runs the Yuekou clothing website could use a little help with her photos so he threw on some teenage girl clothes and instructed her to take pictures as he demonstrated on how to layer clothing.

You may not want to look at these pictures if you’re feeling bad about yourself because when a 72 year old man can look better than most of us spring chickens, we know it’s time to hit the gym again and get that haircut we’ve been putting off for far too long now. Seriously, how does he pose so well? Me thinks, grandpa may have a secret life.

But why is Liu so popular? Aside from being a fabulous poser, it seems to be a fabulous case of serendipity. He arrived on the scene at the same time that fashion blogs like Advanced Style are dedicating themselves to senior citizen style and hipster girls everywhere are dyeing their hair grey. Old is new again and Liu is our new gender bending, senior style senator of the new order.

Check out the online store at http://yuekou.tmall.com where you can see more pictures and buy some pretty cool clothes at pocket friendly prices.





All images courtesy of Adland.com, Inquirer.com, Molito.com and Odditycentral.com. Yes, I really shop around for my resources. You’re welcome.