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Tonight we’re expecting our first real snow fall of 10-15 cm here in Montreal and, along with Christmas, hot chocolate and being generally cosy, this has me dreaming of spring which is officially only 3 1/2 months away!! But who’s counting? Lots of us actually. We may be Canadian but that doesn’t mean we all love the cold weather.

While browsing through the Trendland website, I saw a feature on hot British designer, Hermione de Paula’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection and thought I had to share it with you but then after drifting through her website and realizing that every season is as mind-blowing as the next, and previous, I decided to post a mixture of pictures ranging from S12 to S/S13.

Is it weird to admit that my mouth actually watered while looking at these pictures? Clothing can be delicious! It’s true!

After graduating from Central St. Martin’s and then working at Christian Dior Couture, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Giles (how’s that for an entry-level resume?), she launched her own ready to wear line in 2008. You can find a few of her pieces on Asos and other online places too, I’m sure. I just can’t find them.

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HdePSS13_023 HdePSS13_006 HdePSS13_008 HdePSS13_010 HdePSS13_011 HdePSS13_012 HdePSS13_018 HdePSS13_019


HdePFW12_lookbook_26 HdePFW12_001 HdePFW12_lookbook_10.tif HdePFW12_lookbook_12.tif HdePFW12_lookbook_17.tif




All pictures taken from HermioneDePaula.com