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Fall 2012 runways were filled with intriguing face masks and coverings of all sorts. Like a lot of other people, I was drawn to the exotic, and mysterious air they gave off and they drew me under into a world where secrets and adventure were waiting to turn me on my head and twist my mind into new directions. Hopefully, I’ll never be the same again.

But as reality would have it, walking around with a diamond encrusted mask a la Maison Martin Margiela or butterfly nets complete with butterflies a la Philip Treacy isn’t always practical, or in my case affordable. So what’s a girl to do if she loves the champagne but can only afford the ginger ale? Luckily there’s an extremely talented and highly respected make up artist who’s come to our rescue.

Phyllis Cohen is a British, and by that I mean English, make-up artist who’s worked with notable eccentrics David Bowie and Daphne Guinness, has helped to bring editorials to life for Vogue and Dazed and Confused all the while designing tattoos for Jean-Paul Gaultier and House of Holland. So, aside from her impressive and enviable portfolio, why am I mentioning her? Two words, my dear. Face and Lace.

Face lace is a re-usable (!!!) hypoallergenic vinyl applique that you can apply to your face in a couple of minutes. Designed, marketed and sold by Phyllis Cohen herself, the designs are influenced by op art, french lace, mehndi, ironwork and calligraphi. Her website (address is below) sells them but, because I live in Canada, having them sent from England, will kill me with the cost of shipping. Gotta avoid those shipping charges! Luckily there’s stores in the USA that also ship to Canada. Yay! The designs generally cost around $25 per design and it costs just under $20 to have it shipped to my door. I can afford $45 to be next weekend’s It girl. Lord knows I’ve paid a whole lot more for much less.

Even if you’re thinking that you’re not sure if you want to buy these yet because it’s too early in the trend, Let me say that I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of temporary facial design so it’s worth buying a few designs and holding onto them for a few months. If you’re considering buying knock offs at the Dollar store next year when everyone’s wearing them, I suggest you buy the real deal instead. After all, you are gluing something to you face, so you might want to pay a little extra for the non-toxic quality pieces. Let’s admit it, the last thing you want is a nasty rash on your face the morning after the best night of your life. Pay for the quality, woman! So now I’m trying to decide when should I wear it? New Year’s, maybe? Is there a better time to be mysteriously glamourous? I think not. I’m going to order some online right now!

You can buy them online at www.facelace.com if you’re in the UK but if you’re in the North America try Nigel’s Beauty Emporium and Suite 7 Beauty, Debra Lee Designs. For other countries I suggest you visit the Face-Lace facebook page. They’re very helpful and friendly! Given their pedigree, now I’m even more impressed.

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