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Is it really already January 23rd? It feels like it was New Year’s eve just yesterday but, in reality, February is just around the corner. While I’m not a fan of that “time is slipping away” feeling, I can’t say that I’m sad that winter will soon be over and the scent of flowers will entice me to venture outside again. Although it’s 3 weeks into January, and so almost embarrassing late, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and hope that this 13th year of the 21st century brings you both happiness and beauty (both inner and outer)!

Last year around, it was around this time that I started my blog and I made a few predictions for 2012. and I thought I’d take a look back to see how far off, or on, I was. To make it easy, I’m marking each prediction as a pass or fail.

2012 Predictions:

1) People will increasingly become interested in becoming healthy in body, mind and spirit. PASS: I have no proof but it does seem that many people around me are trying harder to be fit, mentally healthy and spiritually grounded

2) The world will become even smaller through technology. FAIL: It doesn’t seem much smaller than last year. Maybe this should have been a prediction for the decade.

3) Although luxury will always exist and be an aspirational aspect of fashion, in 2012, style will become increasing democratized (see the rise in popularity of ageless dressing) and thrift store shopping. PASS: Although aspirational fashion blogs became increasingly popular in 2012, there seems to be a small but growing movement towards personal style and expression.

4)  Clothing companies will increasingly be forced by societal pressure to be more socially responsible through “cradle to grave” supply chain approaches. Actually this isn’t a prediction, it’s just a wish of mine. Rating: ABSOLUTE PASS: I can’t believe a wish of mine is coming true! As a result of horrific factory fires with far too many casualties and leaks to the media on the chemicals that are used to make your clothes (did you know that gasoline is used as a softening agent for wool and acrylic? Careful when you light that cigarette!), several major companies (Mango, Esprit, Zara, Victoria’s Secret are just a few) have announced changes to their production processes that should benefit everyone involved.

5) We will look to the turn of the last century for inspiration in clothing, manners/civility and hobbies. Rating: PASS: The retro trend is as strong as ever however I think, in the coming year, we’ll start to see original designs start to make a comeback. Again, not being a fan of the hipster mid-west trailer trash look, this is a wish of mine and I really, really hope it comes true.

6) Connecting to nature. Rating: PASS: Much like a romantic relationship, the more nature dies, the more desperately we’re trying to hold onto it. I’m sure this trend will continue to increase for as long as I live.  

7) Individualism. Rating: PASS Although it’s off to a slow start, I think this is the direction we’re headed in. While there’s a lot of people running around and imitating their favorite star/lette, I think the pull of following a trend is beginning to fade and just being yourself will prevail. As, make up artist, Alice Lane so eloquently said in an interview on The Fashion Spot/NYMag.com, “…not being trendy seems to be trendy at the moment.” I’m not sure how well Nicky Minaj is going to take to this trend.

8) Younger men dating older women. Rating: FAIL It was hot in the beginning and then kinda faded. I blame it on Mila Kunis for snagging Ashton Kusher and pushing Demi Moore to the back pages of the gossip columns. 

9) Purple is the new black because, ever since Kate and William made it official, we secretly all want to be royalty. Green will also become a big seller ( see point #6) and Autumn 2012 pre-collections now showing. Rating: PASS although I was a little early on this one. Yesterday, at President Obama’s inauguration, I did notice the Obama girls wearing purple coats so I’m sure the trend is about to hit big in 2013. 

10) Fake fur. Rating: Uh, yea. PASS

What’s coming for 2013 is anybody’s guess.