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In yesterday’s edition of the New York Times T Magazine, Suzy Menkes commented on the steadily increasing circus of posers (literally) that mill about outside of fashion shows in the hopes of having their picture taken and posted on the internet. While fashion insiders make their way inside to the event, others, both insiders and hangers on (no pun intended), show up in front of the venue, in a seemingly desperate, attempt to be photographed for street style blogs and lauded for their unique personalities and expressions of style. What once started out as photographers indulging in and documenting a genuine curiosity of “insider fashion” has morphed into a costume competition that many argue does little to either move fashion forward or show fashion in it’s best light.

No matter what anyone may try to convince you of otherwise, the fashion industry has never been based on philanthropic philosophies. Fame, money and social status are the underlying foundations that this industry is built on. Although many of us have a genuine love of beautiful clothing and intricate craftsmanship, these are hard to find qualities in today’s offshore made fashion industry. With the exception of a few designers, most clothes are knocks offs, or as some like to say “re-interpretations”, of already existing clothes from today and yesterday. Has the fashion industry lost its originality? Is all that’s left is to try to out “crazy dress” each other? I don’t think so and I genuinely believe that this is just an awkward teenage moment in fashion history.

The hidden underground, where forward thinking ideas and movements are formed and natured, will always exist. Although I haven’t come across any real underground movements in the fashion scene lately, I have noticed that people are becoming increasing tired of photo op dressing and bloggers blogging for the sake of hopefully receiving free swag and possible Grade B fame. The bubble has yet to burst and it’ll only get worse before it gets better, but like all bubbles that came before this one, it will burst.

Let’s face it. we can’t all be Isabella Blow. She was a unique personality that can’t be recreated. She was a true original who contributed a lot to the fashion industry. Unlike her, here are pictures of some of the worst offenders for photo op dressing from recent worldwide fashion shows. If nothing else, I hope they bring some laughter to your day and inspire you to be original but not an attention whore. Fashion is supposed to be about expressing your personality and you’re not white trash, are you? No. You’re a person who’s confident, intelligent and creative. You know it, now show it.

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Stella Kattermann

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