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I’ve always been fascinated by hair and its ability to instantly transform a person into an alter ego. I’ve had hair colour in every shade of the rainbow and have sported more than half the hairstyles possible. Short, long, straight and curly. I’ve lived through it all but, thankfully, don’t always have the pictures to prove it. Dating back to ancient times when Samson drew his mighty strength from his flowing locks, hair has been an obession and now, thanks to 22 year old Louise Walker, hair, or something like it, has reached a new heights of creativity.

Based in London, England, she’s a professional photographer, and self-professed underground knitter, who specializes in creating knitted props for photo shoots. An unusual niche to say the least. One of her latest, and by far most popular, creations is something called a Wooly Head. Knitted and photographed by Walker, the hats and their ice creamy presentations are enticingly hypnotizing.

If, after seeing what she’s capable of, you may want one for yourself, and, luckily for you, orders can be placed by contacting Louise through her website, her blog (where she gives away free patterns to some of her original creations!), her facebook page or her Etsy shop. Yes, the girl is well-connected! If wigs aren’t really your thing, then be sure to check out her foxy scarves at the end of this post. These can also be ordered directly from her Etsy shop.

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