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Wow. It’s been 3 months since I last posted anything. What could keep me away from my baby for so long? Stress? Burnout? All of the above? Just a few things that can really drag a woman down. But fear not, I’ve taken control of the situation and made changes in my life that are already starting to pay off. The most important change I made was quitting the job that not only didn’t suit my talents/skills and was making me physically sick to boot!

Some people may see that as a cop out but I see it as a life affirming move. It takes courage to remove yourself from a situation is comfortable and provides a steady paycheck but life’s too short to suffer everyday and not challenge ourselves to climb that mountain that’s in front of us! Not to mention, I hear the view’s pretty awesome up there.

Speaking of change, I was going through my magazines, looking for inspiration on subjects too write about when I came across an old Mr. Mickey (<3) Fashion Schmashion column from a 2005 edition of Paper. In it he reviews the upcoming trends for Fall 2005 and they look suspiciously like many of the 2013 key trends happening right now. “What is happening?”, I asked myself. I know the fashion industry relies on knock-offs for many of their individual designs but knocking off an ENTIRE season takes that entirely to an entirely new level. Have a look for your self below and let me if you agree. All pictures are from the 2005 June/July edition of Paper magazine.

Shine Baby Shine


Mixed prints


Men’s Tailoring for Women


Art Deco and the Roaring 20s


Bright Colours


Black and White