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In honour of the U.S.A.’s recognition of same-sex marriages and, therefore, gay rights, I thought I’d post a photo shoot I worked on a little while ago. We played around with the idea of gender bending and then took it one step further. The story is about a girl dressed as a boy who’s dressed as a girl. That’s about as far as we could take it and so we did.

Of course, what we did was easy. What the American gay rights movement has done for themselves in the past few decades is astounding. Once outcasts in society, people who are in a same-sex marriage now have the same spousal rights as married heterosexuals. That’s not only a testament to the power of the human rights movement but to the U.S. government’s commitment to equality for all. Whether or not you’re gay, I’m sure you agree that any push to recognize all people as equal is a move in the right direction. Welcome to the 21st century America! It’s good to have you here!

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Photography: Joey Planche
Styling: Lalaurice
Model: Benedicte Laflamme
Clothing: All designed and made by Lalaurice

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